• State of the art
  • Powerful
  • Intuitive
  • Beautiful
  • Exclusive

State of the Art

The world's first fully active, networked home theatre system, Cyfi is truly state of the art technology giving you sound clarity and picture quality that until now has only been available to the professional market.


3000 watts RMS power gives you music power levels not normally seen in home theatre. Featuring clean bass that can be perfectly honed to suit your specific home.


Intuitively designed controls and interfaces that work the way you want them to work. Simple controls for complex operations allows you to get the most out of your system, even for the visually impaired.


A stunning contribution to your home, professional sound isn't limited to unsightly systems. The Cyfi blends seamlessly into its surroundings, with the ability to colour match the surfaces to your existing home colour scheme.


Every Cyfi system is painstakingly hand made by our team of expert craftsmen, sound engineers and technicians, creating every theatre bespoke to you. Our systems are now installed some of the world's most outstanding luxury homes from London to Los Angeles.

Spectra omni-directional powered full range horn loaded speaker



The patented CyFi Spectra full range active omni-directional speaker is a masterpiece of digital sound technology.

The highly efficient acoustically designed, high-density, low-resonance housing contains high and low frequency horns that deliver a breathtakingly pure and undistorted sound performance.


  • Power output: 800 watts rms
  • Frequency response: 25 hz - 20,000 hz. Flat response: ±3db
  • Digital DSP controlled (Limiter, Crossover and Equalisation)
  • Digital and analogue inputs
  • Low and high frequency horns in patented omni-directional acoustically designed, high-efficiency low-resonance enclosure
  • Self-powered with built-in amplifier and DSP’s
  • Available in any colour of your choice